Pilocure Ointment New Shama (50g)

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Beneficial for bleeding and non bleeding piles.
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About New Shama Pilocure Ointment:
New Shama Pilocure Ointment is an Unani herbal drug medicine. It is a stronger, more effective double line treatment for piles, relieves pain, itching, reduces swelling, stops heavy bleeding, swelling of haemorrhoids and heals the wounds faster.  
Indications of New Shama Pilocure Ointment:
Stop heavy bleeding due to pile
Beneficial in inflammation
Ingredients of New Shama Pilocure Ointment:
Sad Berg  (Tagetes erecta),
Kakrounda (Blumea balasmifera),
Mazoo  (Quercus infectoria),
Rasaut Musaffa (Berberis aristata),
Elwa (Aloe barbadensis),
Neem Oil (Azadirachta indica oil),
Sat-e-Podina (Mentha piperata),
Kafoor (Cinnamomum camphora), 
Safeda Kashghari (Zinc oxide),
Suhaga Saeeda (Sodium borate powder),
Emollient Base 
Dosage of New Shama Pilocure Ointment:
To be applied with the help of the given applicator before and after defecation. 
Specially before going to bed, after cleaning the affected area with lukewarm water using a cotton swab or as directed by the physician. 


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