Qabzeena Capsule Hakeem baqai (40caps)

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For chronic constipation, hard stools and acts as effective laxative.
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About Hakeem Baqai's Qabzeena Capsule:
As suggests by its name Hakeem Baqai's Qabzeena Capsule is an useful unani herbal remedy for acute and chronic consipation.Thos medicine makes your stool soft so that it can pass easily. This medicine also helpful in bleeding per rectum, fissure in ano and all the chronic disordersof the intestine. It is made from all the herbal origin so it is safe from any side effect.
Indications of Hakeem Baqai's Qabzeena Capsule:
Acute and Chronic constipation.
Rectal bleeding
Fissure in ano
Painful defecation
Ingredients of Hakeem Baqai's Qabzeena Capsule: Natural Herbal Ingredients 
Dosage of Hakeem Baqai's Qabzeena Capsule: 2 Capsule to taken twice a day with luke warm water or as advised by Unani physician.


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