Qulai Hamdard (25ml)

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Herbal formulations for ulcers, blisters and eruptions of the mouth and tongue.
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About Hamdard Qulai:
Hamdard Qulai is an Unani herbal drug formulation. It comes in liquid form and is used for various mouth ulcers and tongue eruption problems. Qulai is a spot application product which acts more effectively than any other remedy.
Indications of Hamdard Qulai:
Blushes and eruptions of the mouth and tongue.
Ingredient used in Hamdard Qulai: Qulai
Benefits of Hamdard Qulai:
It may help to reduce blister
It might help to reduce mouth ulcers
It could take care of overall oral health
It may also reduce tongue ulcer
Dosage of Hamdard Qulai Use as directed by the physician.


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