Qurs Bandish Khoon Hamdard (200tab)

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Stop spitting of blood, bleeding through nose, piles, excess menstrual bleeding
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About Qurs Bandish Khoon:
This is a Unani classical medicine.It is combinations of various herbal drugs.It is very coagulant and help to stop bleeding in various ailment.
Indications of Qurs Bandish Khoon:
Helps to stop spitting of blood, bleeding through nose, urine bleeding and bleeding from any other part of the body. 
Ingredients of Qurs Bandish Khoon:
Raal Safaid
Phitkari Safaid
Mazu Sabz
Gond Keekar
Dammul Akhwain
Geru Surkh
Kushta Basud
Dosage of Qurs Bandish Khoon: To be given 1-2 Tablets to be taken with water or milk twice daily. 


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