Qurse Hazim Sadar Laboratories (100tab)

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Useful in Stomachache, Flatulence, Colic Pain & Indigestion.
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About Qurs Hazim:
It gives relief in stomachache and provides immediate relief from pain abdomen, dyspepsia, belching, bloating, heartburn, etc. It enhances hepatic and gastric functions, quickly digests heavy and fatty meals, expels out gas from intestines, useful in conditions like vomiting and cholera and hence, generates activeness in body. 
Indications of Qurs Hazim: 
Effective for stomachache in Digestive gastric
Its Helps Digesting Rich & Fatty Food.
Ingredients of Qurs Hazim: Natural Herbal Ingredients 
Dosage of Qurs Hazim: To be give 1 or 2 tablets twice in a day after principal meal or as directed by the Unani physician.


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