Qurs Habis Hamdard (40tab)

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Manage Bleeding Piles, Bleeding Gums And Overall Body Wellness.
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About Hamdard Qurs Habis:
Qurs Habis is a traditional Unani herbal medication. The name of this table comes from its mode of action, as the definition of Habis is homeostatic, and it aids in controlling blood flow within blood vessels. Qurs Habis aids in the treatment of bleeding piles and bleeding gums.
Ingredients used in Hamdard Qurs Habis:
Geru Surkh
Lakh Dana
Ral Safaid
Phitkari Safaid
Gond Keekar
Damul Akhwain
Kushta Busud
Sange Jarahat Saeeda
Magnesia Fehmi
Benefits of Hamdard Qurs Habis:
It helps in the control of blood flow within blood arteries
It helps in bleeding piles and bleeding gums
It also helps to manage intra-uterine bleeding and bleeding from the nose
Dosage of Hamdard Qurs Habis: Take 1 - 2 tablets twice a day or as directed by the dietician.


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