Qurs Kushta Hijrul Yahud Hamdard (50tab)

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Medicine for calculi in kidney, gallstone & ureter.
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About Kushta Hijrul Yahud:
It is particularly used in diseases of the urinary tract. It breaks kidney and urinary bladder stones. It is beneficial in Amraz Ahleel (Urethral infection), Suzak (Gonorrhoea) and urinary Ahtebas Bol (Anuria).
Indications of Kushta Hijrul Yahud:
Urethral Infection
Kidney stone
Urethral and Bladder stone
Ingredients used in Kushta Hijrul Yahud:
Hajrul – Yahood
Shora Qalmi
Aabe Mooli
How to use Kuhuta Hijrul Yahud: To be given 125 mg twice a day with sharbat Alu Balu or Water.


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