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Qurs Hawamil Hamdard (20TAB)

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Good for headache, vomiting during pregnancy, retentive power of uterus.
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About Qurs Hawamil:
This is a Unani herbal drug preparation. This is used during pregnancy. It gives relief and strength to woman during pregnancy.
Indications of Qurs Hawamil:
It beneficial in all types of problem during pregnancy and stop vomiting, headache, dizziness, improves appetite, strengthens the retentive power of uterus and helps in delivery of healthy baby.
Ingredients of Hawamil:
Sat Gilo
Kateera Safaid
Qand Safaid
Gond Keekar
Yashab Sabz Mehlool
Roghan Peppermint
Dosage of Hawamil: To be given 1 tablet twice daily with 10 ml of Sharbat Anar. 


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