Qurs Kushta Gaudanti Hamdard (60tab)

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Medicine for joint pain & stiffness.
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About Qurs Khushta Gaudanti:
Khusta Gaudanti is a Unani compound drug combination. Its name due to its chief ingredients Gaudant (Arsenic ore).It is very good nervine tonic and also used in joints pain.It is also used for fever.
Indications of Qurs Khushta Gaudanti:
Loss of muscle functions
Chronic fever
Joints pain
Nervine Tonic
Increase male sexual desire
Ingredients used in Qurs Khushta Gaudanti
Godanti (Arsenic ore)
Asgand (Wiithania somnifera Dunal root)
Sheera Gheekwar (Aloe vera leaf ground with water)
How to use Qurs Khushta Gaudanti
Kushta Gaudanti can be given 125-250mg with suitable carrier


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