Qurs Malti Basant Hamdard (20Pills)

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Strengthens the stomach & intestines. Prevents loose motions due to weakness.
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About Qurs Malti Basant:

This is a compound drug combination.It is used for gastric disorders and gives strength to it.It is helpful to regularize peristaltic movement ( Bowel movement ).As per the Unani concept this medicine make intestine flora on "ATEDAL" ( Optimal Level).It is used for Strengthens to the stomach and intestines. helpful in loose motions due to the weakness of stomach.

Indication of Qurs Malti Basant:

Irregular Bowel movement 

Strengthens to Stomach and intestine

Helpful in loss motion

Irritable bowel movement 

Ingredients of Qurs Malti Basant:

Malti Basant :  The plant is used as an herbal medicine. Decoctions of the root, seed or fruit can be used as antihelmintic to expel parasitic worms or for alleviating diarrhea.[citation needed] Fruit decoction can also be used for gargling. The fruits are also used to combat nephritis.[citation needed]Leaves can be used to relieve pain caused by fever. The roots are used to treat arthritis.

Geru Saeeda 

Dosage of Qurs Malti Basant: To be given 1 tablet along with 5 gm. Majun Sangdana Murgh.


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