Qurs Sozak Hamdard (40tab)

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Reduce burning sensation, infection in urine ad heal wounds of ureter.
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About Hamdard Qurs Sozak:
Unani medication is known as Hamdard Qurs Sozak. Its name derives from the fact that it indicates sickness. It is made up of numerous herbs, including elaichi Khurd, Burada Sandal Safaid, Banslochan, Sat Behroza, Kababchini, Kaththa Safaid, and Gond Keekar. Hamdard Qurs Sozak relieves urinary heat and heals ureteral lesions.
Ingredients used in Hamdard Qurs Sozak:
Elaichi Khurd
Burada Sandal Safavid
Sat Behroza
Kaththa Safavid
Gond Keekar
Benefits of Hamdard Qurs Sozak:
It helps to remove the burning sensation in urine
It might help to heal wounds of the ureter
It helps to treat gonorrhoea
Dosage of Hamdard Qurs Sozak: Use as directed by the dietician.


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