Raughan-e-Aamla Hair Oil New Shama (200ml)

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Revitalizes your hair and prevents hair loss.
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About Raughan-e-Aamla:

Raughan-e-Aamla maintains their colour and makes them shine. As well as Raughan-e-Aamla strengthens the hair roots and prevents falling of hair. It also helps in promoting hair growth.

Indications of Raughan-e-Aamla:

Strengthens hair roots

Helpful in hair loss

Ingredients used in Raughan-e-Aamla:



Amla Sabz

Barg Hina Sabz

Roghan Kunjad

Sabz Roghani Rang

Dosage of Raughan-e-Aamla: To be applied on scalp daily at bedtime


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