Roghan Beerbahuti New Shama (30ml)

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Roghan Beerbahuti is a product that might be helpful in weakness of male genital organ and may help in weak erection.
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About Rogan Beer Bahuti:
Rogan Beer Bahuti is a Unani classical medicine. It's name due to its chief ingredients beer bahuti. It is good for male's problems such as weak erections.
Indications of Rogan Beer Bahuti:
It might be helpful in the following:-
Might be helpful in weak erection. 
Might be helpful in early ejaculation.
May improve the proper blood circulation in the penis.
Ingredients of Rogan Beer Bahuti:
Beer Bahooti 
Roghan Kunjad  
Dosage of Rogan Beer Bahuti: To be applied on male sexual organ at bed time.


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