Roghan Labub-e-Saba Hamdard (50ml)

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Useful in headache, induces sound sleep & gives cool feeling to brain.
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About Labub Saba:
It is used for chronic insomnia, headaches and is an excellent cerebral tonic. Gives strength to the brain and eliminates dryness. Helps to induce better sleep. 
Indications of Labub Saba:
Cerebral Tonic
Insomnia ( Lack of Sleep)
Improve brain health
Ingredients of Labub Saba:
Corylus avellana Oil (Roghan Maghze Funduq) 
Pistacia vera Oil (Roghan Pista)
Prunus amygdalus Oil (Roghan Badam Shirin)
Sesamum indicum Oil (Roghan Kunjad)
Pinus gerardiana Oil (Roghan Chilghoza)
Cucurbita maxima Oil (Roghan Kaddu)
Juglans regia Oil (Roghan Akhrot)
Dosage of Labub Saba: Rub gently on the scalp and forehead. Instill a drop or two in the nose and ears. 


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