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Raughan-e-Aamla Rex (200ml)

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Strengthen hair roots & prevents falling of hair, also increases growth.
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About Raughan e Aamla: This is a Unani classical preparation.Its name due to its chief ingredients aamla.It is oil which is very beneficial in hair and scalp ailments.  Raughan e Aamla  strengthens hair Roots and prevents hair loss. 
Indications of Raughan e Aamla: 
Gives strength hair
Good in premature graying 
Beneficial in hair fall
 Beneficial in dandruff
Ingredients of Raughan e Aamla: 
Aamla Sabz
Bhangra Sabz
Roghan Kunjad
Mehndi Sabz
Dosage of Raughan e Aamla: To be applied on scalp at bedtime three times in weak.


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