Roghan Bedanjeer (Arandi) Hamdard (50ml)

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Medicine for constipation and colic pain.
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About Hamdard Rogan Arandi / Castor oil:
Hamdard Rogan Arandi is an Unani product which helps to remove constipation and provides relief in colic pain.
Benefits of Rogan Arandi
Skin Benefits;
Heals inflamed skin
Fights signs of aging
Reduces acne
Moisturizes skin
Fades blemishes
Prevents stretch marks
Reduces pigmentation
Hair Benefits:
Promotes hair growth
Treats scalp infections
Prevents premature graying
Conditions hair
Health Benefits:
Treats ringworms
Disinfects wounds
Acts as a laxative
Reduces joint pain/arthritis
Boosts immunity
Treats back pain
Ingredients used in Rogan Arandi (Castor oil):
Ricinus communis / Tukhme Arandi
How to use Rogan Arandi: 25 to 50 ml along with 250 ml lukewarm milk


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