Roghan Arandi New Shama (60ml)

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Herbal formulation which helps in removing constipation and gives relief in colic pain.
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About New Shama Roghan Arandi / Castor oil:
New Shama Roghan Arandi / Castor oil is an Unani medicinal propriety with a wide range of effectiveness. It is used to remove constipation & gives relief in colic pain
Uses and Effectiveness of  New Shama Roghan Arandi:
Skin Benefits
Heals inflamed skin
Fights signs of aging
Reduces acne
Moisturizes skin
Fades blemishes
Prevents stretch marks
Reduces pigmentation
Hair Benefits
Promotes hair growth
Treats scalp infections
Prevents premature graying
Conditions hair
Health Benefits
Treats ringworms
Disinfects wounds
Acts as a laxative
Reduces joint pain/arthritis
Boosts immunity
Treats back pain
Composition of  New Shama Roghan Arandi (Castor oil):
Ricinus communis / Tukhme Arandi (100%)
Dosage of  New Shama Roghan Arandi: 25 to 50 ml along with 250 ml lukewarm milk.


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