Roghan Baboona Hamdard (25ml)

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Medicine for gout, backache, swelling of joints & arthritis.
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About Roghan Babuna:
It is a classical Unani medicine.It is oil base medicine and beneficial in gout,joints pain,joints swelling and backache.
Indications of Roghan Babuna:
Useful in gout, joints pain and backache.
It is useful in otalgia
Ingredients used in Roghan Babuna:
Anthemis nobilis (Gule Babuna Taza)
Sesamum indicum Oil (Roghan Kunjad)
How to use Roghan Babuna:
Lukewarm Roghan Baboona should be massaged on the affected part followed by warm cotton be tied over the massaged organ. In otalgia one or two drops should be instilled in the ear.


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