Roghan Baiza Murgh Hamdard (25ml)

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Roghan Baiza Murgh is Useful in Hair Loss & Premature Greying of Hair.
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About Hamdard Roghan Baiza Murgh:
Roghan Baiza Murgh helps growth of hair at restricted places on head and helps them to grow naturally. It also stops premature greying of hair 
Indication of Hamdard Roghan Baiza Murgh:
The application of Roghan Baiza Murgh over the scalp is good in growth and re-growth of hair naturally.
Its massage is effective in growing of hair on restricted patches.
The regular use of this herbal oil is good for alopecia areata.
Roghan Baiza Murgh is good to stop premature greying of hair.
Roghan Baiza Murgh to be applied regularly for better results
Dosage of Hamdard Roghan Baiza Murgh: To be Applied Roghan Baiza Murgh daily on the scalp or as directed by the Physician


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