Roghan Beer bahooti Hamdard (10ml)

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Restores energy & improves vitality,physical strength & stamina in men.
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About Hamdard Roghan Beer Bahuti:

Rogan Beer Bahuti is a Unani classical medicine. It is named so due to its chief ingredient beer bahuti. It is good for male debility such as erectile dysfunction.

Indications of Hamdard Rogan Beer Bahuti:

·        Poor erection 

·        Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

·        Increases the proper blood circulation in the penis and consequently removes the organic disorder viz. prominence of vessels,sluggishness, feebleness and obliquity, consequently provides proper natural vitality.

Ingredients of Hamdard Roghan Beer Bahuti:

·        Beer Bahooti 

·        Roghan Kunjad  

Dosage of Hamdard Rogan Beer Bahuti:

·        To be applied on male sexual organ at bed time.



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