Roghan Khashkhash Hamdard (25ml)

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Medicine for headache due to intensity of heat, and insomnia
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About Rogan Khashkhash:
Rogan Khashkhash is Unani herbal medicine developed to negate ill effects of intense heat in summer. It can be beneficial in headache caused by this weather situation. It can also cure sleeplessness can induce sleep among humans. It also soothes frayed nerves brain stop irritability mental instability.
Indications of Rogan Khashkhash:
Helps to cure headache and insomnia
Removes dryness of the brain and induces sleep
Relieves Headache due to intensity of heat
Ingredients used in Rogan Khashkhash
Papaver somniferum (Seeds) (Tukhme Khashkhash)
How to use Rogan Khashkhash:
Rub gently on the scalp and forehead. Instill 1- 2 drops in the nose and ears.


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