RogHan Samaat Kusha Hamdard (25ml)

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Useful in deafness, ringing of ears due to exposure to excessive, loud noises.
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Roghan Samaat Kusha:
Roghan Samaat Kusha is an herbal Unani oil containing the Roghan Badam shirin and Roghan Turb. It is useful in treatment of deafness and tinnitus. Roghan Samaat Kusha prevents loss of hearing. 
Indications of Samaat Kusha: Impaired Hearing 
Ingredients of Samaat Kusha:
Roghan Badam Shireen Prunus amygdalus Batsch
Roghan Turb Raphanus sativus
Dosage of Samaat Kusha: To be given 2 – 3 drops to be instilled in the ear twice a day. 


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