Roghan Suranjan Hamdard (25ml)

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Reduces swelling, uric acid, useful in joints pain & general weakness.
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About Hamdard Rogan Suranjan:
Hamdard Rogan Suranjan is an Unani medicated oil which is applied externally on painful joints, gouts, lumbago and similar conditions. The chief ingredient of this medicine is Suranjan, a type of lily plant with yellow flowers. The corm or rhizome of plant is used for therapeutic purpose due to its pain relieving, anti-gout and anti-rheumatic properties. Rogan means oil in Persian. So, Rogan Suranjan is oil containing Suranjan. 
Indications of Hamdard Rogan Suranjan:
It is an effective remedy to reduce pain, swelling & inflammation caused due to acute gout, arthritis and joints pain.
Ingredients of Hamdard Rogan Suranjan:
Tukhm Karafs
Chiraita Shirin
Suranjan Talkh
Roghan Kunjad
Dosage of Hamdard Rogan Suranjan: Lukewarm the oil and apply on affected area 2 to 3 times in a day.


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