Roghan Zaitoon Dehlvi (100ml)

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Useful in gallbladder calculi, constipation, also strengthen the nerves.
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About Dehlvi Roghan Zaitoon:
Dehlvi Roghan Zaitoon Olive Oil is an ayurvedic product beneficial for skin. Olive oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It moisturises the skin deeply and may fight oxidative stress.
Ingredient used in Dehlvi Roghan Zaitoon: Olive Oil.
Benefits of Dehlvi Ambar Roghan Zaitoon:
It is rich in mono-unsaturated fats and has antioxidant properties
It may keep your skin healthy making it glow
It might be useful in gallstones and constipation
It also strengthens the nerves
How to use Dehlvi Ambar Roghan Zaitoon: Take 25 ml at night mixed in a glass of milk.


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