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Raughan-e-Zaitoon New Shama (60ml)

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Useful in gallbladder calculi, constipation, also strengthen the nerves.
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About Raughan-e-Zaitoon:
Raughan-e-Zaitoon is nutritious, demulcent and mildly laxative. Its massage strengthens weak parts of the body. Excellent for soothing inflammation and pain through massage.  It is effective for the treatment of duodenal ulcer. 
Indications of Raughan-e-Zaitoon:
It has emollient and laxative effect. It prevents for fat deposition in blood vessels. It is good tonic for nerves. 
Effective for the treatment of duodenal ulcer
Nutritious, demulcent and mildly laxative
Excellent for soothing inflammation
Ingredients of Raughan-e-Zaitoon:
Dosage of Raughan-e-Zaitoon: To be given   25 ml. with milk 250 ml  at bedtime or as directed by the physician.


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