Sabatina New Shama (40tab)

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Improves Brain Memory, Sexual Weakness And Control Night Falls.
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About New Shama Sabatina:
New Shama Sabatina is herbal medicine made with Mazu Sabz, Kuchla Mudabbir, Salab Misri and Singara Khushk. Sabatini by New Shama promotes brain serenity and alleviates hypersensitivity, nocturnal emission, and sexual weakness. New Shama Sabatini can assist in controlling darkness and increasing overall energy.
Indications of New Shama Sabatina:
Nocturnal emission
Sexual weakness
Ingredients of New Shama Sabatina:
Some of the ingredients used in New Shama Sabatina are as follows:
Mazu Sabz
Kuchla Mudabbir
Salab Misri
Singara Khushk and others
Benefits of New Shama Sabatina:
Some of the benefits of New Shama Sabatina are enumerated here as follows:
It helps to boost brain memory
It can reduce the hypersensitivity
It helps to manage sexual weakness
It helps to control night falls
Dosage of New Shama Sabatina: To be given 4 tablets with water or milk on an empty stomach in the morning.


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