Sufoof Benazir Imc (200g)

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Regulates & maintains body weight by reducing extra fats.
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About IMC Sufoof Benazir
IMC Sufoof-E-Benazir Is Special Unani Herbal Medicine To Get Rid Of Fatness And Excess Weight. Regular Use For Few Days  is helpful to Get Rid Of Excess Weight And Fatness And Make You Fit.It Is A Good metabolizer And helpful in metabolism,Does Not Allow Gases To Be Lomed, It gives Strength to Your Urinary Bladder And Kidney. It is also helpful in Stomach Weakness And Liver Weakness.
Indications of IMC Sufoof Benazir:
- Obesity
- Constipation
- Nausea
- indigestion
- Piles
- Kidney and bladder weakness
- Liver disorders
Ingredients of IMC Sufoof Benazir:
- Sana maki
- Sonth- Phitadi
- Namak siyah
- Namal lahori
- Revand chini
- Turbud
- Post halela zard
- Asaroon
- Chiraita- Khulanjan
- Dalchini
- Ajwain
- Nagar motha
- Kalonji
- Post balaila
- Kali zeeri
- Barge sudab
- Bura armani
- Aneesoon
- Sat lemu
- Lac magsool
- Shazeera
- Sumbul ul teeb
- Elaichi
- Shahtara
- sonf 
- Aonla
- Bao badang
Dosage of IMC Sufoof Benazir:
-  half teaspoon to be taken at night after meal or as advised by your unani doctor.


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