Safoof Jiryan Khas New Shama (50g)

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May be useful in premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction and spermatogenesis.
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About Safoof Jiryan Khas:
Safoof Jiryan khas  is a classical Unani medicinal preparation. It is in the form of powder (Safoof). It can be used for the male disorders such as oiligospermia and premature ejaculation. It can be very beneficial in premature ejaculation, hydrospermia and nocturnal emission.
Indications of Safoof Jiryan Khas:
Premature Ejaculation
Nocturnal emission
Check seminal discharge
Ingredients of Safoof Jiryan Khas:
Salab Misri
Tudari Surkh
Taj Qalmi
Singhara Khushk
Maghz Pumbadana
Mastagi Roomi
Kushta Qalai
Warq Nuqra 
Dosage of Safoof Jiryan Khas: To be given 1 teaspoon once in a day with milk or water.


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