Safoof Sailan New Shama (50g)

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Treat Bacterial Infections and Strengthen Vaginal Muscles.
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About New Shama Safoof Sailan:
New Shama Safoof Sailan is a powder form in Unani formulation and the meaning of Seelan is liquid discharge' is a term. White leucorrhoea discharge can be treated with Safoof Seelan. It works for both infectious and non-infectious vaginal discharge. Rex Safoof Seelan helps with the strengthening of vaginal and uterine muscles, as well as the treatment of vaginal bacterial infections.
Ingredient used in New Shama Safoof Sailan:
Some of the ingredients used in New Shama Safoof Sailan are as follows:
Gule Dharva
Goad Malsari
Gule Fofal
Nabat Safaid
Benefits of New Shama Safoof Sailan:
Some of the benefits of New Shama Safoof Sailan are enumerated here as follows:
It helps to manage bacterial infection in the vagina
It helps to Strengthen the muscles of the vagina and uterus
It can be beneficial in the treatment of white discharge
Dosage of New Shama Safoof Sailan: Take 5- 10 grams to be taken twice a day or as directed by the dietician.


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