Sharbat Nazla D.T.C. (380ml)

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Herbal formulation for common cold, cough and runny nose.
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About Dawakhana Tibbiya Sharbat Nazla:
Dawakhana Tibbiya Sharbat Nazla is an Unani formulation. Sharbat Nazla is a herbal cough syrup which gives instant relief from all types of coughs. It helps to enhance the functioning of  lungs and acts as a remedy against irritation of the mouth and throat. It provides relief form the difficulty in breathing, irritation of lungs and dryness and roughness of the air passages. Sharbat Nazla can also be successfully used in the early stage of whooping cough. 
Indications of Dawakhana Tibiya Sharbat Nazla:
Effective against cold,cough and influenza.
Acts as a remedy for dry and soar-throat.
Relief against acute cattarrh.
Ingredients of Dawakhana Tibbiya Sharbat Nazla: Natural Ingredients
Dosage of Dawakhana Tibiya Sharbat Nazla: To be taken 20 ml twice a day with lukewarm water.


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