Sharbat Nazlano Khas Dehlvi (100ml)

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Effective in Cold, Cough, Running nose, Mucous and inflammation of lungs.
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New name:

Sharbat Nazlano Khas

Previously known as: Sharbat Nazla Khas

Description :

The process of formation and decay of the Complex Organic Molecules such as LIPIDS, PROTEINS, and CARBOHYDRATES etc. starts off at birth and goes on till the end of life. As a result of the biochemical reactions alongwith useful substances, some substances that are toxic are also generated that must be excreted. The body has its own mechanism to get rid off these unwanted by-products. In the brain too, there is a mechanism which is yet to be fully understood to shed off these harmful substances. According to the Greek school of thought when these degradation products flow towards thoracic region, are called NAZLA and when towards nasal region, are termed ZUKAAM.

So, Nazla and Zukaam are two names of the same thing depending upon the route it follows from the brain to the two different sites of the body.

Sharbat Nazla Khas helps activate this cleansing process. This contains such fabulous ingredients as USTKHUDDUS nicknamed “The Broom of Brain”. It builds up body resistance besides acting as a protector against pathogenic invasions.

Directions :

10 ml. or 2 teaspoonfuls in the morning and evening with lukewarm water on an empty stomach.

Note :

Itrefal Kishnizi, Itrefal Zamani, Kushta Marjan Jawahar, Lauq Sapistan Khayar Shambari, Sharbat Sadar and Sharbat Ustkhuddus are also recommended in “Cold and Catarrh”.


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