She-18 M A Herbal (20g)

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Useful in skin disorders like scabies,acne pimples,fungal infecion, eczema,dandruff and dermatitis.
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• Contracts vaginal muscles.

• Improves tone & elasticity of wall.

• Improves vaginal hygiene.

• Dryness of vagina in old age.

• Enhances satisfaction during intercourse.

• Tightens flaccid vagina after delivery.


Each 5gm . contains

Maiee                 Tamorix Orticulata Tgallic           Phal              5gm

Majoo                Quercus Infectoria Oliv                 Phal             1.5gm

Mochras           Gum of Silk Cotton Tree               Gond             5gm

Safed Raal       Shorea Robusta Gaerin F            Gond             5gm

Dadim               Punica granatum Linn                  Chhilka        25gm

Dhai                   Wood fordia fruiticosa                  Phool           1gm

Fitkari               Potassium Aluminium Roasted                        25gm

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