Sikanjabeen Lemooni New Shama (200ml)

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Beneficial in controlling bilious fevers,sunstroke.
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About Sikanjabeen Leemun:
Sikanjbeen is Persian word, Which is composed of Sirka (Acetic acid)and Angbeen (Honey). So it is called Sikanjbeen. It is a type of syrupin which Sirka (Acetic acid) is an essential part of this formulation. Inancient time it was prepared from Sirka (Acetic acid) and Angbeen(Honey) but now days it is prepared from sugar also, which is calledSikanjbeen Sada. If other ingredients are included then its name maybecome on that particular drug as Sikanjbeen Unsuli due to adding Unsul (Urginea indica bulb).
Indications of Sikanjabeen Leemun:
 It prevents nausea and vomiting and very beneficial in controlling bilious fevers and provides relief from excessive thirst. 
Ingredients of Sikanjabeen Leemun:
Podina Khushk (Mentha arvensis dry herb) 25gm
Aab Leemun (Citrus lemonum fruit juice) 100 ml
Dosage of Sikanjabeen Leemun:
To be given 10-25 ml twice in a day or as directed by the Unani physician.


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