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About Supari Powder

This is an Unani formulation that benefits both men and women alike, Supari Pak is the powder of washed betel nuts cut in smaller parts and then dried under shade. This powder is then mixed with milk and ghee and heated until it becomes thick, followed by mixing in sugar and other powdered ingredients. Beneficial for the reproductive system and other health conditions, Supari Pak also helps strengthen the uterus. Having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Indications of Supari Powder

·        Treats Leucorrhoea

·        Restores energy and strength

·        Good in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

·        Beneficial in infertility

·        Erectile Dysfunction

·        Relieves weakness, headache & backache

·        Early or Premature Discharge

·        Treatment of irregular menstrual periods.

Ingredients of Supari Powder

·        Poog 

·        Dugdh 

·        Ghrit 

·        Sharkara 

·        Mustak 

·        Nagkeshar 

·        Chandan 

·        Shunthi 

·        Kala marich 

·        Pippali 

·        Jatipatri 

·        Priyal 

·        Badari 

·        Tvak 

·        Ela 

·        Tejpatra 

·        Shweta jeerak 

·        Krishna jeerak 

·        Shringatak 

·        Vanshlochan 

·        Jatiphal 

·        Lavanga 

·        Dhanyak 

·        Amla 

·        Shatawari 

·        Lajwanti 

Dosage of Supari Powder

·        Take 10 gm to 12 gm once in the morning

·        Take it with milk or water



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