Surkh Oil Tayyebi (100ml)

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Herbal medication which is useful in headache, joint pains, injuries and sprains.
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Helpful for pregnant Women and Kids. Not for Internal Consumption. Useful for relieving Arthritis, Sciatica, Gout, Limber pain and Joint pain. Useful in relieving from Body heat, Perspiration, Palpitation, Headache, Chronic Fever, Sore, Irritating Eyes and stimulates the Blood flow.

Contains: Sooranjan talkh, Asgandh, Peepal, Nagarmotha, Kholanjan, Majidth, Dalchini, Asarun, Rogan and Kunjad.

Dosage of Surkh oil:

Apply on Joint or affected area or as prescribed by the physician.

For headache: Rub a little Roghan Surkh on the forehead.

For Body ache: Apply on the affected part.

Bites of  insects: Use at the place of bite.

For joint pains: Apply on the affected joint.

Cough, cold & influenza: Warm the oil slightly and massage on the chest and throat.

Earache: Warm the oil slightly and put 2-3 drops into the paining ear.

Injuries and sprains: Warm it slightly, apply and bandage on affected portion.

Swelling: Warm the oil slightly, apply on the swelling, cover it with a warm betel leaf or "peepal" leaf and tie with a cotton bandage.


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