Tila Khas-Ul-Khas IMC (15ml)

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May help in male sexual health, stamina, vigour and vitality.
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About IMC Tila Khas Ul Khas:
IMC Tila Khas Ul Khas is an unique unani formulaion specially made to be used for male sexual organ.It has natural ingredients intended to be used for erection problem. It may be helpful for male sexual problems. IMC Tila Khas Ul Khas is also used to improve blood circulation of the vessels in male sexual organ and hence might be useful in erectile dysfunction.
Indications of IMC Tila Khas Ul Khas:
- Erectile dysfunction
- Sexual debility
- to improve blood circulation in male sexual organ.
Ingredients of IMC Tila Khas Ul Khas:
- Kharateen Musaffa
- Qaranfal
- Jaifal
- Rogan Malkangani
- Rogan Zaitun
Dosage of IMC Tila Khas Ul Khas:  2ml to be Applied on male sexual organ except glans area and massage genly or as advised by your unani doctor.


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