Tila Muqawwi Khas Hamdard (10ml)

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Tila Muqawwi Khas is a natural unani medication that might addresses the issues related to poor semen quality.
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About Hamdard Tila Muqawwi Khas: 
Hamdard Tila Muqavvi Khas is an Unani medicated massaging oil, prepared totally from plants and minerals. It might be useful in weak erections. Regular usage of this herbal oil makes corpora cavernosa muscles present in human phallus supple and relaxed, thereby enabling uninterrupted blood flow and might provide better erections. In addition to rejuvenating penile muscles. Hamdard Tila Muqawwii Khas herbal massaging oil also enlivens nerve endings present in male organ.
Indications of Hamdard Tila Muqawwi Khas:
May be useful in weak erections.
May be useful in early Ejaculation.
Might improve blood supply.
Ingredients of Hamdard Tila Muqawwi Khas:
Roghan Bhilanwa
Roghan Jamalgota
Roghan Darchini
Roghan Laung
Roghan Mahi
Roghan Mom 
Dosage of Hamdard Tila Muqawwi Khas:
Take ½ to ¾ ml of this tila and rub it all over the organ (Except the glans area) and for a short while massage the base of the organ also. 
It is enough to massage for 8 to 10 minutes. When rashes disappear , restores the use of tila as per the above directions. 


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