Titanic K2 Mahamaya Drugs (6caps)

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Titanic K2 is a product which might help in improving stamina, strength and vigor in the body.
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About Mahamaya Drugs Titanic K2:

Mahamaya Drugs Titanic K2 might be useful in sexual problems in men. It is a potent energizer for vitality and vigor in men. It may also improve the overall male sexual health and is 100% safe with no known side effects.

Ingredients of Mahamaya Drugs Titanic K2:

Withania somnifera

Terminalia arjuna

Asparagus adscendens

Crocus sativus

Abhrak bhasam

Sidh makardhwaj bhasm

Pyrethrum radix

Swarna bhasm

Benefits / Uses of Mahamaya Drugs Titanic K2:

Might improve stamina, strength and vigor.

It might be useful in erectile dysfunction problem in males.

It might be useful in early discharge problem.

Might be useful in other problems such as low sperm count, azoospermia, oligospermia.

Dosage / How to use Mahamaya Drugs Titanic K2: Take 1 Capsule two hour before intercourse with milk or as directed by the physician.


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