Treat Hair Care Capsules Dehlvi (60caps)

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Useful in hair fall, helps growth, nourishes roots, maintains natural hair colour.
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Hair is regarded as an asset, which enhances your physical appearance. Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. Balding or thinning of hair is a great problem, which you would like to resolve at its earliest stage.

Some of the common factors contributing to hair fall are excessive physical or emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, pollution, allergies, use of wrong hair care products, poor hair care routine, and heredity.

Treat Hair Care Capsule is a balanced formula of 15 powerful hair and brain tonic medicinal herbs, which helps in the growth of hair and keeps them natural black. Protecting the hair from all diseases, it makes them bright, long and thick.


Each 500 mg capsule contains:

Nardostachys jatamansi (Balcharr) 20 mg

Emblica officinalis Ext. (Amla) 20 mg

Prunus amygdalus (Badam) 20 mg

Terminalia chebula Ext. (Halela) 20 mg

Terminalia belerica Ext. (Bahera) 20 mg

Phyllanthus niruri (Bhumyaamla) 20 mg

Glycyrrhiza glabra Ext. (Mulethi) 20 mg

Withania somnifera Ext. (Asgand) 20 mg

Centella asiatica Ext. (Brahmi) 20 mg

Sesamum indicum (Til) 20 mg

Piper longum (Pipal) 20 mg

Piper nigrum (Kali Mirch) 20 mg

Zingiber officinalis (Zanjbil) 20 mg

Iron Rust Calcined (Kushta Faulad) 30 mg

Eclipta alba Ext. (Bhringraj) 210 mg

INDICATIONS: Useful in dryness and roughness of hair, prevents hair fall, improves shine and lustre.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: There are no contraindications.

DOSAGE: 1 capsule once or twice a day.

DIETARY ADVICE: Salmon fish (rich in protein, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids), sardine fish, walnuts (having significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamin E), sweet potato (a great source of beta carotene, which human body turns into vitamin A), carrots, mangoes, pumpkin, apricots (also good sources of beta carotene), eggs (great source of protein, with four key minerals: zinc, selenium, sulphur and iron), chicken, spinach (containing iron, beta carotene, and vitamin C), lentils (with protein, iron, zinc, and biotin), soybeans, kidney beans, etc. are recommended diets.


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