Olive Oil S.K (125ml)

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various benefits for skin, bone, scalp and hair.
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About S.K Olive Oil:
All culinary experts are hooked to Olive Oil. There’s more to olive oil than just being a special kitchen ingredient. From ruling our kitchen to taking over the cosmetic world it is not only a great antioxidant for skin but also protecting the skin from serious ailments, S.K cracked heels, also used for healthy hair. It was called liquid gold in the ancient world. It is very important for postmenopausal bone health. It acts as a booster for healthy bone formation. 
S.K Olive Oil is highly coveted for its deeply moisturizing and anti-ageing properties. Make it a valuable addition to the daily beauty routine as its versatile and vital nutrients are essential for lovely hair. Olive oil soothes the scalp, moisturizes hair, naturally providing them with a radiant, refreshing and penetrating look.   
Benefits of S.K Olive Oil: 
Helps to deeply moisturizing the skin.
It helps to manage aging signs.
It also helps to moisturizes hair and soothes the scalp.
It helps to give hair radiant, refreshing and penetrating look.    
It helps to manage hair loss.
Ingredients of S.K Olive Oil:
Instructions of S.K Olive Oil:
Apply a small amount into skin and massage gently until fully absorbed. 
Use liberally if using as a massage oil.


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