Zinda Tilismath Balm (10g)

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Zinda Tillismath Balm acts as a wonder cure for back pain, chest pain, muscle pain and itching.
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Zinda Tilismath Balm Description

As the name suggests, Zinda Balm is used for treating body and muscular pains. Zinda Balm acts as a wonder cure for backache, chest pain, muscular pains, and itching. Not only this, but it also helps in getting rid of nasty cold and headaches. With its unique formulation specially made with herbal ingredients which are proven safe and effective for many that use this balm for treating muscular and body pains.

Net Weight – 10 grams per piece

Zinda Balm is a Unani herbal formulation made from 100% natural ingredients. Manufactured by Karkhana Zinda Tilismath, it has become a trusted domestic remedy of various body pains and headaches. Due to its instant reliefs and zero side effects, it has always been the users’ first choice.

Composition Percentage (w/w)

Satte Pudina: 11.2%

Satte Ajwain: 6.3%

Kafoor: 4.5%

Roghan-E-Nilgiri: 2.7%

Roghan-E-Gaultheria: 26.1%


The composition of Zinda Balm contains 5 natural herbs and essential oils. These ingredients along with their percentage composition (w/w) are

Thymol (Satte Ajwan) 11.2%

Camphor (Kafoor) 4.5%

Menthol (Satte Pudina) 6.3%

Eucalyptus Oil (Rogan-e-Nilgiri) 2.7%

Methyl Salicylate (Rogan-e-Gautheria) 26.1%

Effects: The ingredients of Zinda Tilismath balm endow it with the following beneficial effects

Anti-inflammatory (Reduces pain, redness, swelling)

Analgesic (Relieves pain)

Spasmolytic (Relaxes tensed muscles or cramps)

Decongestant (Decreases stuffiness of nose)

Counter-irritant (Reduces irritation)

Uses: Topical application of Zinda Tilismath Balm helps to instantly relieve

Muscular pain

Muscle cramps and sprains


Body Aches

Arthritic pain

Nasal congestion




For external (Topical) use only


For various body aches and headaches, massage it thoroughly over the area of pain for few minutes.

For cold and nasal congestion, apply it over the chest area as well as on the sides of your nose.

For pimples, apply a small amount of Zinda Tilismath Balm with the help of your finger and give it a gentle rub.

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Storage: Keep it from placing in hot and humid conditions

Store it in a cool dry place like refrigerator

Side Effects: No side effects are observed. 100% safe to use

Caution: Do not apply it over open wounds.


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