Arshad Gold Pills Dehlvi (10Pills)

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Good for angina, anxiety, depression, palpitation & increased pressure of blood.
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Nothing removed except Sugar and nothing added except the efficacy to the original formulae

An excellent cardiac tonic. Dehlvi Arshad Gold Pills is the modernized sugar free form of the famous Unani medicine Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshadwala, which is used for strengthening the heart. One Pill is equal to one dose of 5 gm Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshadwala. We have just taken away Sugar. As the original formula contains juices of Quince (Behi), Pomegranate (Anar) and Apple (Seb), we use dehydrated fruits instead which contains the same benefit. It regulates heart beat and increases circulation and formation of pure and healthy blood. Useful in general debility, palpitation, anxiety, depression, melancholia, angina pectoris and convalescence also. It lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure and removes general debility.


Each Gold Coated 500 mg. pill contains:

Ambra grasea Pdr. (Ambar) 4 mg

Pistacia lentiscus Rsn. Pdr. (Mastagi) 5 mg

Crocus sativus Stg. Pdr. (Zafran) 7 mg

Santalum album Ht. Wd. Pdr. (Sandal Safed) 10 mg

Elettaria cardamomum Sd. Pdr. (Choti Elaichi) 10 mg

Aquilaria agallocha Ht. Wd. Pdr.) (Agar) 10 mg

Citrus medica Fr. R. Pdr (Post Turanj) 10 mg

Myrtus caryophyllus Fr. Pdr (Laung) 10 mg

Cinnamomum tamala Lf. Pdr (Tezpat) 10 mg

Nardostachys jatamansi Rz. Pdr (Balcharr) 10 mg

Rubianus Pdr (Yaqut) 10 mg

Green Jasper Pdr (Yashab Sabz) 10 mg

Mytilus margaritiferus Pdr (Moti) 15 mg

Pinus succinifera Rsn. Pdr (Kahruba) 15 mg

Cydonia oblonga Fr. Spray Dried (Behi) 10 mg

Malus sylvestris Fr. Spray Dried (Seb Shirin) 10 mg

Punica granatum Fr. Spray Dried (Anar Shirin) 10 mg

Bombyx mori Pdr (Abresham) 333 mg

Sodium Benzoate 1 mg

Rosa damascena Fl. Dist. (Arq Gulab) q.s.

INDICATIONS : Angina pectoris, anxiety, bradycardia, cardiac neurosis, depression, hyperlipidaemia, melancholia, mild hypertension, palpitation, phobias, post-myocardial infarction, stress and tachycardia.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : There are no contraindications.

SIDE EFFECTS :There are no known side effects.

DOSAGE : 1 pill in the morning on an empty stomach with water.


Avoid foods containing saturated fats (butter, cheese, fatty meats, etc.), eggs, excess salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Avoid smoking. Eat more of green vegetables, oily fish, olives, garlic, carrots, and amla (Indian Gooseberry). Do regular physical exercise and avoid stress and tension.


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