Asabole Capsules Hamdard (60caps)

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May be good for the nervous system, specially useful for aged persons.
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About Asabole:

Asabole is a Unani classical formulation. Asabole may be beneficial in impotency due to frequent nocturnal emissions. It produces stiffness in the male organ by increasing blood supply into the male organ, thus relieving erectile dysfunction.It is specially used in old age person for low erections problem.

Indications of Asabole:

May be useful in strengthening nervous system, may be good in impotency, can increase blood supply to male organ, may help in erectile dysfunction 

Ingredients of Asabole:

Jaifal,Salab panja,Salajeet,Dalchini,Gond keekar,Behman surkh,Mahi rubiyan,Kuchla mudabbir,safaida jast,kushta khabsul hadeed,post baiza kushta kalai,.

Dosage of Asabole: To be given 1 capsule twice in a day with 250 ml milk or as directed by the Unani physician.


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