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Improve Sexual Performance in Men, Increase Frigidity, Symptoms of early ageing, Depression.
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Anmol Goli Shahanshai Improve Sexual Performance in Men, Increase Frigidity, Symptoms of early ageing, Depression.
There are many things that influence a man's sexual performance. We would like to give some details about the general causes for non virility or general dislike by men for having sex. They are listed below:
Impotence is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection, and most men will experience this very frustrating problem at some time. It can either be a once-in-a-lifetime problem, or occur periodically or chronically. When this happens it can cause anxiety, depression, and a variety of other problems, since it could lead to the man questioning his sexual prowess. Several diseases such as diabetes can cause impotence; yet, other factors such as worry, over-work, and fatigue can cause this highly frustrating experience. 
Circulation of blood is of prime importance, since if the blood flow to the penis is not 100%, then problems may be experienced with achieving and maintaining an erection.  Nutrition also plays a large role in sexual prowess, and that is where the belief originated regarding oysters and sex - the reason is simple - oysters contain zinc and men need zinc for normal sexual functioning.  Zinc is an ingredient needed for testosterone manufacture and for sperm production. A shortage of zinc can also contribute to mental problems, which may also contribute to a loss of libido. Zinc is also required for proper prostate functioning. One very important point to keep in mind is to discuss any sexual problem with your partner - this will clear the air, and will also help to lessen any psychological pressure that you may be feeling.
The herbs also has a "warming" effect, and helps to increase the libido naturally, without any side effects, as is the case with many sexual medications.
We made no claims that is impossible to substantiate, and have a faithful following of satisfied clients who have been using Himalayan NIAGRA for some time, and with great effect.

DOSES : 1 to 2 Tab. twice in a day with milk/water or directed by the physician.


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