Majun Arad Khurma Dehlvi (1kg)

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Restores energy & improves vitality,physical strength & stamina in men.
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Controls spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emissions. Increases the density of semen and sperm count. Also useful in premature ejaculation. Increases sex vigour.

Sugar free option also available by the names of Dehlvi Arad Khurmeen-SF and Dehlvi Arad Khurmeen Capsules.


Each dose of 10 g contains:

Myristica fragrans (Mace) (Bisbasa) 7.19 mg

Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg) (Jaiphal) 7.19 mg

Myrtus caryophyllus (Qaranfal) 14.38 mg

Gossypium indicum (Maghze Pambadana) 28.76 mg

Prunus amygdalus (Maghze Badam) 143.80 mg

Pinus gerardiana (Maghze Chilghoza) 143.80 mg

Corylus aveliana (Maghze Funduq) 143.80 mg

Asparagus racemosus (Satawar) 287.61 mg

Acacia arabica (Samaghe Arabi) 1.150 g

Phoenix dactylifera (Arad Khurma) 1.150 g

Trapa bispinosa (Singhara Khushk) 1.150 g

Sugar (Qand Safed) 5.752 g

Preservative q.s.

INDICATIONS : Spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emissions, seminal debility, premature ejaculation and lack of vigour.


DOSAGE : 10 g with a glass of milk in the morning.


Stop smoking. Nicotine impedes blood flow to the penis. Exercise more to help with overall fitness and increased blood circulation. Lose weight if there are any problems from obesity. Illicit drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, over the long term, gradually decrease desire and cause impotency. If there is alcohol abuse, dealing with this problem may improve potency and will certainly improve relationship problems. Riding a bike, especially an off-road mountain bike, can cause trauma to delicate nerves and blood vessels. It is important to have a "double saddle" to avoid injury to the blood vessels that go to the penis. Any good sporting goods outfitter or large specialty biking outlet will have information about this item. Avoid stress as it can affect your love life. Stress can also increase blood pressure that has been shown to be a frequent cause of impotence. Relaxation techniques can be learned and employed to reduce stress. Eat a fresh, organic, high vegetable diet, which should include green, leafy vegetables and reduce red meat consumption.


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