Qurs Kushta Sadaf New Shama (60tab)

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Good for frequent & nocturnal urination, sperm count, leucorrhoea.
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About Qurs Kushta Sadaf:
Qurs Kushta Sadaf is a Unani formulation.It is beneficial in male sexual disorders and female diseases. Kushtajat are prepared from purified drugs of mineral, metal and animal origin by the process of Ghusle Advia (purification), Tasfiya (cleaning) and Tadbeer-e-Advia (detoxification). Thereafter, these drugs are generally powdered finely and burnt in closed crucibles in pits of different size, having varying number of dung cakes and different intensity of heat for calcination. These calcined powdered drugs are called Kushtajat (Calx). 
Indications of Qurs Kushta Sadaf:
Nocturnal emissions
Weakness of the heart. 
Chronic Fever
Ingredients of Qurs Kushta Sadaf:
Cypraea moneta Calx (Kushta Sadaf) : Cypraea moneta common name the money cowry, is a species of small sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Cypraeidae, the cowries.This species is called "money cowry" because the shells were historically widely used in many Pacific and Indian Ocean countries as shell money before coinage was in common usage. 
Starch (Ararot) q.s.
Dosage of Qurs Kushta Sadaf: Qurs Khusta Sada can be taken 2 tablets with 5 g Majun Supari Pak.


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