Roghan Surkh New Shama (100ml)

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Useful in Headache, body ache, joint pains, injuries, sprains, inflammation etc.
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About New Shama Roghan Surkh:
New Shama Roghan surkh is an Unani preparation which is very helpful in all kind of muscular and join ts pain.
Indications of New Shama Roghan Surkh:
Roghan Surkh is a natural pain reliever.
Roghan Surkh is used for headache, body ache, joint pains, earache, weakness in legs in babies, injury and sprains, swelling etc. For external use only.
For headache: Rub a little Roghan Surkh on the forehead.
For Body ache: Apply on the affected part.
Bites of  insects: Use at the place of bite.
For joint pains: Apply on the affected joint.
Cough, cold & influenza: Warm the oil slightly and massage on the chest and throat.
Weakness of legs in babies: Massage daily on both the legs of the child.
Earache: Warm the oil slightly and put 2-3 drops into the paining ear.
Injury and sprains: Warm it slightly, apply and bandage on affected portion.
Swelling: Warm the oil slightly, apply on the swelling, cover it with a warm betel leaf or "peepal" leaf and tie with a cotton bandage.
Ingredients of New Shama Roghan Surkh:
Ushna: Used for stiffness and stress.
Burada Sandal Surkh/ white sandal wood: Used as astringent and disinfectant.
Habb-ul-Ghurab: Used for pain.
Darhald/root/berries: Used for joint pain, general weakness etc.
Kaifal/myrica nagi: Used in increased body temperature.
Narkachoor/zedoary: Used for treating wounds, pain, swelling, skin problems.
Haldi/turmeric: Used for arthritis and joint pain.
Berg Aakh Taaza; Used in swelling.
Lahsun/garlic: Used for blood circulation, bacterial and fungal infection.
Sarson/mustard: Used as astringent.
Dalchini/cinnamon: local infections.
Laung/clove;used in muscle cramps.
Surkh Roghani Rang: Used for colouring.
Dosage of New Shama Roghan Surkh:
 Apply on Joint or affected area or as prescribed by the physician.


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